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Get Livesup up and running in minutes

It’s easy to get started with Livesup, in your local machine.
Step 2
$ docker run --rm \ -e DATABASE_URL=[DB_URL] \ -e PGHOST=[PGHOST] \ -e PGPORT=5432 \ -e PGUSER=postgres \ -e PGPASSWORD=postgres \ -e PGDATABASE=livesup \ -p 8080:8080 \ --pull always \ livesup:edge
Step 2
$ mix local.rebar --force && mix local.hex --force
$ mix escript.install hex livebook
$ livebook server

Do more with Livesup

There’s much to do with Livesup. Here is a sneak peak:

Multiple signup providers

Use Github, Google or a regular email and password form to have your users onboarded.

Organize your users into teams

Use dedicated team's widgets to know more about them

Knwow everything about your Github repositories

Open and closed pull requests, stats and more.

Follow your team Jira board state

Check the state of your team, tasks and more all in one place

Everything you need in one place

No more login into 40 different services to have a sense of the state of your business. Use Livesup to have all you need in one place.